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We work hard to ensure your total comfort with your dental care; and in the same way, we want you to be comfortable with your payment plan. 360 Dentistry offers our patients these conveniences:

Estimated Payment
At your appointment, we’ll calculate the estimated cost for treatment(s) not fully covered by your insurance. If the payment you make on the day of service is less than the actual amount due, we’ll bill you for the remainder; if not, we’ll send you a refund check within two weeks.

Half Payments
If your procedure requires two appointments, you may pay half at the first appointment and the remainder at the final appointment. (Available to patients with and without insurance coverage.)

5% Discount
If you do not have insurance coverage, pay cash in full and you’ll receive a 5% discount. If you have insurance, pay in full and we’ll complete and mail all the paperwork and have the insurance check sent directly to you. 

Extended Payments
360 Dentistry accepts both Visa and Mastercard for extended payments. For an interest-free option, contact us for details on applying for Care Credit at: 503-641-3550 or

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